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Marijuana Sativa strains are known to produce an uplifting and cerebral high that is typically very energizing and stimulating. These strains of cannabis typically cause patients to analyze the human experience and think creatively, which makes Cannabis Sativa very popular among philosophers, artists, writers, and musicians.

Cannabis Indica strains ideal for chronic pain, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, appetite stimulation, and sleep deprivation. Individuals who suffer from diseases like multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, lupus, sleep apnea and insomnia tend to benefit from the therapeutic effects of Cannabis Indica.

There is a wide range of cannabis strains in between Indica and Sativa.  These strains are known as “Hybrids” and show traits directly related to the genetics of its lineage. Hybrids can be broken down into three basic categories:
-Sativa-dominant Hybrids
-Indica-dominant Hybrids
-50/50 Hybrids

Shatter is an extract, a type of cannabis concentrate which is transparent and purest. It mostly has the highest THC.

Wax is derived from marijuana plants but can have up to eight times the concentration of THC compared to the buds people typically smoke.

Hashish is the moment at which the essence of cannabis (the trichomes) parts ways with the plant material itself.

Edibles come in many different varieties including browniescandychocolate barscookiesdrinkspillssnacksspreads and more.

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