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Cannabis sativa strains are generally taller and thinner than indica varieties, and they are often chosen for their ability to energize the mind or relieving chronic body pain. Cannabis Sativa strains are known to produce an uplifting and cerebral high that is typically very energizing and stimulating. These strains of cannabis typically cause patients to analyze the human experience and think creatively, which makes Cannabis Sativa very popular among philosophers, artists, writers, and musicians. 

Most popular Sativa Strains in this time around

-Sour Diesel

Everyone must have heard about Sour Diesel strain. It is a Sativa-dominant variety that offers long-lasting pain relief and energizing cerebral effects. Also known as Sour D, this fast-acting strain has a distinct, pungent aroma of diesel fuel and an earthy flavor.

-Jack Herer 

This Strain is named after the famous cannabis activist and author Jack Herer, this strain is a staple in dispensaries from coast to coast due to its ability to instill a blissful state of mind. This sativa-dominant variety has rich, earthy flavors and aromas of wood, pine, and spices.

-Lemon Haze 

If you want a strain With an intense flavor of sweet lemons slices, Lemon Haze is one for you. It is the most popular sativa strains in America. It’s known for its potency, ability to hep you mellow out, and for producing flowers with a yellow hue. 

-Green Crack

Another old name is Green Crack. This is also one of the most popular strains of cannabis sativa in America which is well-loved for its ability to help sharpen focus, energize the mind, and banish fatigue. Green Crack, sometimes called Green Cush, has a tropical aroma and tangy flavor.

-Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a Sativa-dominant strain that’s wildly popular in America and sought out for its ability to help you improve your mood and manage stress. True to its name, this strain smells and tastes of strawberries.

-Maui Wowie

Also gaining popularity and love is Maui Wowie strain. Originating from the Hawaiian Islands, Maui Wowie is a well-loved sativa throughout the rest of the United States. Maui Wowie is famous for its tropical aroma and pineapple flavor, as well as its ability to help you slip into a mellow euphoria, dispel stress, and be more creative.

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