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There is a wide range of cannabis strains in between Indica and Sativa.  These strains are known as “Hybrids” and show traits directly related to the genetics of its lineage. Hybrids can be broken down into three basic categories:
Sativa-dominant Hybrids
Indica-dominant Hybrids
50/50 Hybrids

List of popular Hybrid strains to buy online

-White Widow
The strain White Widow is among the most famous strains and a classic product in many cannabis stores around the globe. The sort is probably one of the easiest and most resistant cannabis plants to grow, as it even resists against colder temperatures and low water periods. White Widow’s powerful effects include strong euphoria and energy burst, stimulating conversations and creativity.
-Skywalker OG
This is considered as one of the best selling strains of 2018 in our online dispensary. The 85% Indica hybrid strain is known for a strong couchlock and pain relieving effects. Skywalker OG is known to treat sleeping issues. The strain can also be recommended if you have if you are exposed to severe stress or pain.
-OG Kush
The strain is loved for great relaxation, body effects and is also a perfect medicine to treat stress, depression, and pain. OG Kush is a cannabis strain that has been supported frequently by US stars, such as Snoop Dogg and Whiz Khalifa. Being the most rated cannabis strain on Leafly, OG Kush undoubtedly has tremendous followership.
-Pineapple Express
Express is the perfect marijuana for a creative afternoon, as it comes with an enduring energetic uplift and great euphoria for its consumer. This strain is considered as very appropriate for marijuana beginners, while experienced users are also satisfied with the overly pleasant effects. 
-Blueberry Haze
The effects of Blueberry Haze are almost the exact opposite of a usual Skywalker OG high. Blueberry Haze comes with strong uplifting effects, that are also suitable for most non-marijuana consumers. This is the perfect medicine for before work. I have an industrial job and it’s been hard for me to find something that will ease my pain without getting sleepy.

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